We Sold Our House

Whatttttt?! Crazy, I know! There’s a little back story to this, so bear with me.

We were super eager when we bought this home. While we were engaged, we would spend weekends driving and looking at houses. Our apartment was in the Memorial area, so when we stumbled upon our current neighborhood in Cypress, we thought it was so much closer to our family. Not joking when I say we would go to the house (our current house) while we were still coming up with our down payment (…20% is no joke people), and just hang out in the house, walk around the neighborhood, and then lock the door behind us so no one could go in and look at the house. Yes….we actually did that (HAHA).

Fast forward, we’re still 40 minutes from the closest family member, and for some reason, it just never felt like “home” to me. I never wanted to do too much to the house because I knew we weren’t going to stay forever. We started to spend weekends searching again and came across our dream home in Kingwood. It’s (almost) everything we want in a home. Note: I’ve realized we can’t get everything without building, but building is too stressful, so I think we found the best of both worlds.

Our house will be finished in the middle of June. We bought it with enough time to change a few things out to make it more our style, but the vast majority was already chosen. I can’t wait to share how we decorate! We (I) decorated this house pre-baby. If it wasn’t white, cream, or grey, I didn’t want it. If you’re a parent, PLEASE laugh with (not at) me. 9 months in and I’m laughing at all those pre-baby thoughts. We will be keeping the majority of our furniture, but I’ll be adding more color and items that can withstand any future babies.

I can’t wait to start sharing the progress of our home and all the decorative processes!

Have a great rest of your week!

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