Toddler Tips: Toddler Car Kit

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Have you ever been on a trip the beach and your kids have gotten car sick? Have you ever been on your way to a friend’s house and your child had a major accident? If you answered yes to either or both of those questions, you’re not alone. ME TOO! But I made the mistake several times and didn’t have any supplies with me….no change of clothes, no diapers, no nothing. Rookie mistake. After a few meltdowns (primarily by me), I created a toddler car kit for Ava and started to keep it in my back seat.

Johnson & Johnson is one of the first companies to come to mind when I think of anything baby related. Did you know Johnson & Johnson doesn’t carry only baby products? Some of the brands underneath their umbrella are brands like Band-Aid, Neosporin and Listerine.

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Here is a list of everything you need to pack a car kit for your toddler to keep them fed, changed, and happy.

  1. 3-4 Diapers
  2. Wipes
  3. Body Wash – In case they get car sick or get too dirty. We bought Johnson’s Head-to-Toe Wash and Shampoo
  4. 1-2 Activities – Such as stickers, books, race cars, bubbles.
  5. Change of clothes – We switch this out every other week.
  6. Band Aids – We bought the Band Aid Skin Flex
  7. Neosporin – We bought Neosporin+ Pain Itch Scar
  8. Pair of shoes
  9. [Not Pictured] Trash bag and/or Large plastic bag for any accidents or trash
  10. [Not Pictured] Portable Travel Potty – we just purchased this to introduce Ava to the toilet. She is not ready to be potty trained but as summer rolls around, we will definitely be adding this to the list.

For Mom:

If you see my Instagram stories today, I’ll show you how I keep my items stored in this bag. I will keep a spare pair of sunglasses, lip balm, and mints. Right now, I’m loving the Listerine Ultra Clean & Ready tabs. They’re chewable tablets that are safe to swallow and give you the Listerine Mint freshness we all love!

Is there anything I’m missing? What other items do you keep in your car for unforeseen circumstances? Let me know in the comments below!

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