Tips To Keep a Clean House With Kids

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If you’ve been following me for over a month, then you know we bought a new house. Once Ava was born, we realized living 45 minutes from our closest relative just wasn’t going to work. We wanted to be closer to our families because, let’s be honest, mom and dad need a date night every so often. There are SO MANY THINGS you learn once you have a baby. The first couple months, there were many moments of me breaking down because I couldn’t get the car seat out, I was too late for a doctor’s appointment so they had to reschedule me or I forgot a diaper for her. The list can seriously go on. Cleaning our house was the LAST thing on my list…..but I knew I needed to figure out some type of routine before it looked like we were on an episode of Hoarders.

But for the sake of full disclosure, as I write this there are dishes in the sink and *potentially* a load of laundry in the washer. Hey, you can’t win every day right?!

I’m giving you gals 4 simple tips for stress-free cleaning from a busy mom’s perspective.

      1. Listen to Music – Put some music on and jam out! It makes it fun. I’m all about Pop2K and listening to music from the early 00’s.
      2. Efficiency Starts With Multi-Use Products – My go-to store for all my cleaning products is Walmart as they have every cleaning product known to man. One of my new favorite products they started carrying are the STAINMASTER™ Sweep & Mop .
      3. Keep Your System Simple – If you’re not someone who can clean the toilets on Tuesday, fold laundry on Wednesday, and dust on Thursday, don’t try it. You’re setting yourself up to fail! For me personally, after a long day of working and taking care of Ava, Sean, and Wayne, the LAST thing I want to do is clean. I clean on Saturday mornings after I’ve had a little too much coffee so I feel like completing a million and one tasks.
      4. Start in One Room – When you think about your whole house, it can be overwhelming. I always start in our living room because it’s the main focal point in our home. One thing we didn’t know about having hardwood floors is they show everything. My go-to product is the STAINMASTERTM multi-surface wet cloths from Walmart. The STAINMASTER Sweep & Mop has a flexible pole that extends easily to clean underneath our couch and other hard-to-reach areas. The flexible pole has made cleaning all the nooks and cranies of my house a breeze. Once I use the wet cloths  from Walmart, I use the microfiber pad for one final dusting.

Alright gals, it’s that simple! Stick to those steps and make cleaning a fun and easy thing.

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