Tips on Hosting a Gender Reveal Party

Hey there! Happy Friday! We made it through another week…why did this one go by so quickly? I’m sure it has something with trying to squeeze something in every day after work! Now that baby girl’s gender is revealed, I wanted to do a post on throwing a Gender Reveal Party. If I had extra spare time, planning/throwing parties is by far one of my favorite hobbies. My mom loves planning as well, so this was a special event we could plan together.

  • Create a Theme – Before planning anything, always start with a theme. Sometimes if you plan pieces of the event, you end up changing your mind anyway once you’ve decided on a theme. Either what you originally picked out doesn’t fit within the overall theme, or you change your mind and go in a completely opposite direction. [Definitely guilty of the latter scenario…but I can blame it on the pregnancy right?! Haha]

Some themes you could pick from include:

Tutu’s or Touchdowns?
What will it BEE?
Bows or Boots?
Princess or Prince?
Team Pink or Team Blue?

You get the idea. My husband and I aren’t super big fans of anything. I was a competitive cheerleader and he has loved software all his life….let’s just say there isn’t a theme for that type of couple, so we just went with a pink and blue theme.

Wreath made by my MIL very talented friend!

Gender Reveal Kit

Table Decorations

  • Set the date and invite guests

The rule of thumb is to send invitations out with at least a  4-6 week window. We were just inviting family to ours so we let them know about 2-3 weeks before. We knew they would all be there, so we sent out electronic invites from, however, Etsy, Minted, or Target have adorable invitations you can order and send out. I know some of my family had never heard of a gender reveal party, so we made a note in the invite and explained a little bit about it.

Made by The Bearded Baker

  • Plan the Big Reveal

Like a theme, there are SO MANY cute ways to announce the sex of the baby.

Cake Cutting
Silly String
Holiday themed (think Valentines Day, Pumpkins around Fall, Present around Christmas)

As much as I love each of those themes, I wanted to do something a little different. I went to work on Google and found the idea – confetti cannons. I liked the idea of our family being part of the surprise instead of us being the only ones, so we had everyone line up in our backyard and shoot them off at the same time. From the pictures below, I LOVED the way it turned out and definitely would recommend including your family and friends in the reveal.

  • Document your Reveal

This is something I am SO GLAD we did. Our family is not the best at documenting, and even if they were, there is always that one person that is left out when pictures are taken. We found a great photographer turned friend (A link to her work) in Cypress and she captured everything! We’ve already booked her for our baby shower coming up in July so stay tuned for those! 🙂 If a photographer isn’t in the budget, ask a friend or family member to be your photographer, so you can mingle with your guest. Trust me, you’ll definitely want pictures and be able to look back at them.

  • Celebrate.

I know it sounds simple, but sometimes when hosting a party or being the center of attention, you forget to take in everything and relax. I know it’s something I have to continuously work on because as a hostess by nature, I want to make sure everyone is relaxed, has something to eat/drink, feels comfortable, etc.

I hope these were helpful for any of you planning a gender reveal party yourselves or throwing one for your family/friend.

Have a great weekend!


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