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Valentine’s Day Gifts: For Babies & Toddlers

Hi Friends! I am so so excited for this weekend as we’re taking a pre-Valentine’s trip to LA. I put together a Gift Guide for here here and promised one for babies. Since Ava is almost 6 months old [wait what?!, sorry mom moment], all of the items above are meant for babies 0-6 months. While some are closer to the 6 month mark, like this one, I figured I would still include it as I want her to have gifts she can use for the next few months.

  • Bitsy Ballerina: I love reading books to Ava so I think this is super cute to add to her library [plus it’s pink]
  • Baby Einstein: We have this and Ava loves it! The handle is perfect for her to grip. I keep this in her room for when we change her up there. She sometimes gets fussy, so I’ll give her this toy to hold and the lights fascinate her so I have enough time to change her before she screams.
  • Nuby Hand Mitt: We saw this the other day at Buy Buy Baby and thought it was silly….that was until Ava put her hand in her mouth yesterday and started crying because she bit down too hard. This will definitely be something in her Valentine’s basket!
  • Elephant Teether: This is another great option instead of Sophie.
  • Teepee: I know this doesn’t look like a babies toy, but trust me when I say, Ava LOVES her teepee. Sean actually got this one which has a mirror on top that she loves to look in, but as I love all things neutral and pink, this would look perfect in her room!
  • Sophie la Girafe: Did you see my stories last night?! Ava LOVES this teether. Follow me on Instagram for almost daily appearances of this toy in my stores.
  • Sit to Stand Walker: We recieved this as a baby shower gift and I’m so excited to pull this out in a couple weeks! Ava is at the point where she can sit independently and wants toys to play with, but also loves to stand, so I think this will be perfect for her to start playing with!
  • Mermaid Doll: Like I said above, I love soft pinks and neutrals, so this would look perfect in her room!

I also decided to do one for toddlers because I’ve had a few people ask for gift ideas or birthday presents for their nieces, daughters, etc. While I don’t have hands on experience in this department, these are some cute items I found that I would totally get a girl under 2.

  • Heart Puzzle: So cute! Especially for Vday!
  • Baking Kit: I can’t wait until Ava is old enough for a little playroom kitchen! This would be perfect for any little ones to play with.
  • Sam Edelman Sandals: These are so cute! Plus there is a similar version for you here.
  • Unicorn Stuffed Animal: Unicorns are so in right now so what better than give your little one as part of their basket!
  • Fish Puzzle: Again, super cute!
  • Pink Watch: How stinkin cute is this watch?!
  • Make-Up Pallet: I would have loved this as a little girl! Especially with a little vanity.

Would love to hear what you are getting your little ones for V-day!

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Valentines Day is around the corner and I can’t wait! This will be Ava’s first Valentine’s, so I’m looking forward to new traditions we will start together. I’ll do a whole separate post on gifts for the little one’s, don’t you worry. 🙂 With Christmas and then my birthday in January, we like to keep it simple for Valentine’s Day. We’ll honestly probably order a pizza, watch Shark Tank, and call it a night with Ava.

Even if you aren’t in a relationship, I think this holiday is fun to just celebrate love in life in general! Love yourself and splurge on this bag #girlboss. Love your best friends and have a Galentines dinner. Love your couch and treat it to that cute pillow or throw you’ve been eyeing. If you have someone special in your life, pass this along to them, and thank me later 🙂

What are some of your favorite traditions you did growing up or you do now? Would love to hear!