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Things I Never Thought I Would Say Until Becoming a Mom

funny mom moments

funny mom moments

funny mom moments

funny mom moments

Is there ever a time when you’re with your kids and you find yourself saying things you never thought you would say as a parent and think, “did I really just say that?” Have you ever done something, like put your face to your child’s bottom to smell for poop, and have someone look at you (that clearly doesn’t have kids) with the face like “did she really just do that?” Yup, me to. There are certain things you never thought you’d need to say to another human. Then I had kids and now I have no idea what is about to come out of my mouth. Very recently, I said “why is your wubbanub wet?”…as she’s walking away from the toilet.

I asked some other moms some of the things they never thought they would say as a parent and the replies are hilarious! Things like…

“No… no…. we don’t lick the plunger” – Marquis Clarke,

 “Evie, please stop eating all the toilet paper!” – Lindsey Rosenstein,

 “Don’t touch your sister’s poop” – Katie Lamb,

“Amelia we don’t put our faces in toilets or play in the water!” – Kallie Flexman,

“Charleston – we don’t drink our bath water do we?!” – Brooke Jensen,

“No!!! Honey, that’s not blueberries…thats goat poop! Put it down and don’t try to eat it again.” Paige Crawford, 

“Put down the nibblets! Only the dog should eat the dog food!” – Melissa Wachman,

“Good girl, get those poopies out!” – Lydia D’Antonio,

“No, no Sofia that’s dog food. You didn’t eat the dog food?” Angela Amores, 

“Yes, yes, poopie’s good for you!” – Kennedi Christopher, 

If you’ve ever said something you never thought you would say, drop it in the comments below!

I hope you all have a great NYE and can’t wait for what’s in store for 2019!