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Blogging 101: How to Run A Blog When You Work Full-Time

For the majority of us bloggers, working full-time in an unrelated field is the norm. In fact, it’s pretty much impossible to turn your blog into a success overnight, so most of us work during the day and spend our nights and weekends blogging.

Work with your schedule

Clearly, your 9-5 is taken up by work. That is was currently pays your bills. Have you ever been on a conference call or meeting and felt you were starting to day dream through? Carry around your phone or note pad and jot down ideas. They could be your next blog post, or ideas for your next Instagram post. Also, use your lunch break to write some of your content or have your co-worker bestie snap a few pictures for you.

I spend nights after Ava is asleep and weekends for writing, planning and photo shoots.

Look at blogging as “Me Time”

One of the biggest pieces of advice I was given and that I can share is to view your blog as a business, not hobby. That is, if you’re wanting to monetize your blog.  When I first started blogging, I would blog here and there, one post one month, the next month, I would have five post. It wasn’t effective. You want to set realistic exceptions (talked about more below) and have scheduled posting days so your followers can know and expect something from you. This not only encourages people to come back, but also, has people going to your site regularly increasing your traffic.

In my life, my “Me Time” is working while Ava is napping or sleeping. To get everything accomplished, this does involve sacrificing in other aspects, whether that be a TV show, weekend naps, or just literally doing nothing.

If you aren’t wanting to monetize a blog, and you purely want it to be a hobby, then focus too much on the above. Your blog should definitely still be part of your “me time,” but it should be something you want to be doing instead of watching that TV show, not something you feel like you have to be doing. Part of this, is finding your niche and what motivates you to want to blog.

Set Realistic Goals & Learn to say No

Another big piece of advice, especially as moms. Your little one should be your main focus, especially during the hours they are awake. If you’re a working mom like me, you know you already get such little time with your babies as it is, so make sure you are setting realistic goals for yourself and that won’t make you go crazy. For example, I know I can’t post a blog post 5 times a week right now, and I’m 100% okay with that. My goal is 2 times a week. Anything more, I feel like a rock star.

When you start blogging, slowly but surely, brands will find you and offers will start coming your way. As tempting as it is to say “Yes, please!” to every offer or every product in exchange for a post, please say no. Ex. A bra company approached me the other day, offering me a free sample of their product. I looked at there Instagram and all the post are women posting in their bras. 1. Bra’s having very little to do with my target market and 2. I don’t feel comfortable posing a bra and putting in online for everyone to see. 3. By “bloggers” accepting free products instead of compensation, it makes it quite difficult for bloggers who view what they do as a business. At the end of the day, be firm on your goals and don’t say yes to every opportunity.

Rally Your Supporters

When we are passionate about something, the ones we love tend to be our biggest supporters and the first to know about anything. Big piece of advice: Use them! My husband is my biggest supporter and the one behind a lot of my pictures. At times, he can still get annoyed with taking the pictures, hence why I use an amazing photographer, but I’ll even find him saying “This would be a good spot for a picture.” It cracks me up, but I’m turning him into an Insta-Hubby slowly but surely. Other ways are pulling him into photos. As much as he says he doesn’t like being in front of the camera, you give the guy and date for a shoot and he’s picking out a whole new wardrobe.

Don’t Give Up

I know it can be hard to question yourself, the time you’re putting into your blog, and if anyone is reading it. Trust me, someone is. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was your blog. This isn’t a race. Don’t give up and believe in what you’re doing. I’m pretty sure every blogger, or entrepreneur, has been through it or going through it.