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Fall Family Photo Shoot Ideas

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Hi Friends, happy Wednesday! This post was such a hit last Spring (which you can see here), so I figured I would round up my favorite Fall trends. Here are some family outfit ideas I put together to give you some inspiration when choosing what to wear and how to put outfits together. All links can be found under each photo as well as some additional outfits that would go well with each look.

THE color of the season!

Finally neutral. There is something classic about a neutral outfit. This is perfect for pictures if you’re wanting to use them for Christmas cards as well.

What’s your favorite style?! Leave it in the comments below.


Coordinating Family Photos & Tips From a Photographer

Y’all! Our Spring pictures came in and I’m IN LOVE!!!

Before I started getting pictures done regularly, one of my biggest problems was coordinating outfits that worked. I wanted to match Sean, without matching like Britney and Justin.

Ya know?!

I’ve put together a few options, whether your taking Spring/Summer pictures, or just want to refresh your wardrobe a little. All the pictures are clickable, so just click on any image and it will take you directly to the product! 🙂

Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

My photographer/friend Friendtographer Deven, who does most of our photos, has shared her knowledge from behind the lens and what she’s looking for when she shoots! But before you check out her tips, check out her Facebook and Instagram. Y’all, her Spring Mini session sold out in 3 DAYS…3 days. She’s crazy good, so if you’re in Houston and looking for a photographer, definitely contact her!

Tips on Picking Outfits From a Photographer

  • Keep it Simple & Neutral. Ask yourself: Will this look good hung up in my house? While you’re plaid Christmas outfit was great for December, how will that look year round on the living room wall?
  • Find a photographer that matches your style. Deven’s style is very soft and light, so anytime of year, she will recommend soft creams, blues and blush.
  • Avoid bright neon’s and dark colors. These colors actually reflect of your clothes and onto your face making your skin tone appear different.
  • Don’t match everyone’s outfit. Plan a color palette/ look you’re going for, and search for outfits that coordinate. Also, don’t be afraid of patterns.
  • Lay all of the pieces out and take a picture of them together. Do you like it? Does something automatically stand out to you? If so, chances are it will most likely do so in your pictures as well.
  • Last piece of advice, ASK/TALK to your photographer. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions. This is their passion! They shoot families, couples, etc. for a living. Ask their advice on your outfits, props and color choices.