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Swimwear Guide: Current Favorites

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Okay, I know its still freezing outside, but I can’t help but shop for Spring, including new swimsuits. Last year was just an odd year for swimsuits. During the Spring, I was at the point where my belly could have easily been mistaken for eating too many chips and salsa [guilty of that anyway]. One day, I just popped [moms, you know what I mean] and then the belly was large and in charge. I didn’t want to spend a lot on swimwear knowing I wouldn’t be able to fit into this Summer, so I opted for Target. Nothing wrong with Target, but I feel anywhere you go, you at least run into another person in the same suit. Any who, all that to say, this year I am SO EXCITED to shop for new swimwear and take my little one to the pool and get her used to the water. Last night, we booked a quick trip to LA, so so I’m already thinking of things I want to bring. Everything [at least the cute items] always sells out by early April, so I’m actually excited to start buying items now.

I thought I’d round up all the pieces I’ve got my eye on along with my favorite cover-ups, and accessories. PLUS, ALL of these items are [I think] under $50! I hate seeing a swimsuit and then see a $200 price tag….aint no one [besides maybe Beyonce] has time for that.

I’d love to hear some of your fav places to shop for swimwear!