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Newborn + New Mom Essentials

The idea for this post came when I realized that I could have really used a post like this. As a new mom, you Google EVERYTHING. Every mom is different, just like every baby is different so some of these items might not be useful for you. As Ava will be 9 weeks on Friday, we have already purchased and exchanged a dozen items we purchased for her, so I figured I would share what works best for us. These are really just items we have used her first two months, so it won’t necessarily cover things like spoons and sippy cups. Lastly, this is also purely opinion!


Owlet: We purchased the Owlet for peace of mind and it’ been BY FAR the best item we’ve purchased. We actually didn’t register for this item and didn’t buy it until after she was born. If you read this post, it goes into detail on Ava’s stay in the NICU. She had Brady episodes which caused her to stay for 8 days [longest. 8. days. ever]. Sean and I knew before we brought her home, we had to get the Owlet. It’s a little sock that’s placed on your infant’s foot and monitors their heart rate and oxygen level. There is a app you have on your phone and a base that sits in your room. For us, it sits on my nightstand and glows green if everything with your baby is in the normal range. If the levels go below what they consider normal, the base sets off an alarm and goes red. If the sock falls off, the base will blink yellow showing zero connection. I could go on and on about this product, but I’ll stop here 🙂

Zipper Onesies – No matter what type of clothes you want your little to wear, cozy onesies are a must! We love the ones that zip because they’re super easy to get baby in and out of when it’s time for a diaper change, especially in the the middle of the night during the first couple weeks. Ava doesn’t like getting her diaper changed, so the faster I can get her changed and picked back up, the happier we both are.

Noise Machine: We bought the Hatch Baby Rest and I’m not sure if we like it more or if Ava does. We like that there is an app for it, so you can control it once your baby moves to their own room. We originally bought it for her toddler years because it can be set to change colors at a certain time [if your child is an early riser] and they can know it’s time to wake up, come out of their room, etc. Of coarse, she’ll know if she’s not feeling good or upset she can come out before, but I thought it was a neat concept.

Pampers Swaddlers: This is what we’ve used since Ava was born and they have been great for avoiding blow outs.

Pacifier – Our favorites are by Wubbanub, because they have little animals attached to them. The animals make them easy to keep track of and she can hold on to them.

New Mom:

Boob pads – There is probably a more technical term for these, but I like to call them boob pads because that’s what they are. These are a must! Don’t forget to put them on before you go to bed… you’ll regret it. Just keeping it real because I’ve definitely paid the price for forgetting them.

Diaper Bag  – we use this one by Fawn Design and love it. They also have a matching mini version which Ava will be getting when she’s a little bigger. 🙂

Medela Breast Pump: This is the pump our insurance gave us and we have had no issues with it! It’s looks just like a normal black bag so it’s great if your out or a working momma.

High Waist Leggings – These are a must! They’re super comfy, flattering and suck you in in all the right places.

ERGObaby: [New Dad must have] This is Sean’s “toy” and he loves to use it! Anytime we’re out, he insist on carrying her in this instead of her stroller. We’ll also use it on family walks and I think he loves it because it’s his one on one bonding time with her.

I’ll try to update this post as she gets older to see if any items change! Thank you so much for stopping by!

XOXO, Katelyn

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