Motherhoood: Month 3

Everyone says the days are long and the years are short, but I beg to differ. The days are SO short as well as the years. We are officially out of the “fourth trimester” if you will, and I don’t have a newborn anymore! How did that happen?! *The “fourth trimester” starts from the moment your baby is born and lasts until they’re three months old. The term is used to describe a period of great change and development in your newborn, as they adjusts to their new world outside your womb.

Here is a little Q&A and some that y’all have sent me!

What size clothing is she in?
This girl is FULLY in 0-3 month clothes!

What diapers is she in? How is she growing in/out of them?
Ava wears pampers. She wore these in the hospital and they worked really well, so we’ve stuck with them. I thought about trying different brands, but honestly, why knock something when it works? We’re in size 1. At our last appointment [which was 2.5 months], she was 10.5 lbs! Size 1 diapers are used until around 13 lbs, so she she be in these for a little while longer.

Is she sleeping in her room yet?
Not yet. I might try at 4 months. Her room is so far away from ours, so I’m just not sure how to go about not worrying about her all night. We have the Owlet, which will and still gives me SO MUCH peace, but I think we’ll start with a few naps here shortly.

How is postpartum/weight?
Postpartum and weight are SO DIFFERENT for every single mom, so when I say this, it’s just based off my experience. I’m almost to my pre-pregnancy weight. Before I was pregnant, I could fluctuate 2-5 lbs any day, so I am right around that mark. I feel pretty much, back to normal, minus my boobs. TMI, they’re still massive. I’m still wearing nursing bras/sports bras with every outfit, but realizing the straps aren’t cute! So if y’all have any good recommendations on bras that are nursing friendly, I would REALLY appreciate it. My stomach is still no where near what it used to be, but honestly, it takes 9 months to grow a baby and at minimum, the same amount of time to get back to normal. If it never goes back, no big deal.  I know the greatest thing my body can do is give birth, which I’m far more proud of than abs!

Lastly, this has been the month of SO MANY first, so I wanted to share a few below 🙂

First Halloween: Isn’t this the CUTEST monkey you’ve ever seen?!

First time in the pool:

First vacation and time in the ocean:

If you have any questions for Month 4, comment below or on my Insta!

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