Motherhood: Month 7

Another month has come and gone. Seriously, time has been FLYING by. I knew people said this, but until it’s your child, it’s hard to truly comprehend. We are at the stage where she thinks EVERYTHING is hers and NEEDS to go in her mouth. She also likes grabbing everything…especially dinner plates and glasses…that fall all over the floor. Ava is now *basically* crawling…like she’s not 100% but she gets on her knees and flops down on her belly, but ultimately, she gets where she is trying to go. She has also mastered moving from crawling to sitting position and still loves when we clap and say “yay, Ava!”

Ava also LOVES to talk. She’s not saying any words yet, but she can carry on a conversation like no ones business. It’s the cutest thing because she’ll wake up and we’ll know because we just hear her talking and laughing in her pack-n-play.

A few stats from her doctor’s appointment last week: She is 15 lbs, in 6-9 month clothes, 3-6 month shoes, and and her two top teeth are just breaking through. Some of our favorite stores for her are: Carters, Old Navy, and Target.

Here are a few photos from over the month 🙂

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