Disney + Margaritaville Orlando Resort

I’m laughing writing this post. We had zero, and I mean zero, plans on heading to Florida last weekend. My husband had a day trip on Friday to Orlando, and we decided the Wednesday before to make a weekend out of it and I’m so glad we did!

I knew we would plan Ava’s first trip to Disney at some point. I had big plans like buying her cute monogrammed outfits, getting matching Disney shirts, planing breakfast with the princesses, etc. None of which occurred, but that’s ok! I wanted to share some tips and tricks we learned from our first time at Disney and share the fun into where we stayed. I saved a Disney highlight on my Instagram for our packing tips. You can head over by clicking here, or just read the tips below.

  • Pack a diaper for every hour of the flight
  • Pack a toy or game for every 30 minutes.
  • Have all the snacks
  • Don’t bring the airplane toys out during the trip so on the way back, they are like new toys again
  • Use one carry on, such as this bag which we used.

We definitely took a more relaxed approach since Ava is 17 months and is in the tantrum stage. We only had time for one day at Disney and knew we weren’t making it to multiple parks, so we went with Magic Kingdom.

Tip 1: Disney is free for kids under 3 and you can bring in your own diaper bag (that doesn’t have to be clear).

We bought our tickets at our hotel, and I’m so thankful we did. Yes, they were a little bit more expensive, but the arrived at Disney at 10 am and the security line was already long. After the security line, there is another long line to buy tickets. My advice is to buy the in advance (ya know, if you plan) or buy them at your hotel.

Tip 2: Toddlers can actually ride a lot of rides in Magic Kingdom. Our tickets came with Fastpass+, so we went on Dumbo and It’s A Small World. Fastpass+ was great because you can schedule what time you’d like to ride the ride (out of the available times) and there is a separate line to enter and is much shorter than most of the 40-60 minute wait times.

One mistake we made was renting a Disney stroller. They a super affordable at $15 a day for a single and $31 for a double. I think they would be better for kids maybe 3+. However, the seats are plastic and don’t recline, which makes nap time terrible. We struggled getting her to fall asleep so we will definitely take it next time since we didn’t stay on property. Another thing was the mesh actually cut her skin as she was leaning against it.

Tip 3: Disney is expensive….for everything. Just know that going in. Expect to pay $100+ for each ticket, $50+ for lunch, the snacks, photos, etc. Buy outfits and ears ahead of time. Disney ears at the park are $30 a piece, before being personalized. Etsy and Amazon have really cute ones. If your last minute like us, Walmart had very affordable ones in the party section.

Etsy Ears:

Amazon Ears:

Now onto where we stayed. We stayed at Margaritaville Orlando and the stay didn’t disappoint! The resort just opened and once inside, you feel like you were transported into paradise. Look at some of the photos I snapped:

They are currently building out a city walk that will have many shops, restaurants, and a Studio Movie Grill.

The resort has a lagoon style pool, which was heated during our stay. We didn’t get a chance to go swimming, but definitely will on our next visit back. They also have a spa and fitness center, which lets be honest, are essential to any vacation!

Our favorite property amenity was complimentary transportation to the theme parks, including Disney. They have designated drop off and pick up times, which is super helpful for planning your day.

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