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Old Navy Finds: Valentine’s Day Toddler & Baby

You can either click on any of the products in the collage or the links below:)

  1. Tie-waist dress | Love the twist front detail! Ohn sale for under $20 and comes in 2 prints.

2. Pink High Tops | They start at size 5 and have a zipper detail

3. Heart of Gold PJ’s | These are currently on sale for $12, but sizes are going quickly!

4. Heart Nightie | On sale for $10 and is perfect if you live in a warmer climate.

5. Pink Heart Tee | So so adorable for a Valentine’s party!

6. Glitter Heart Sunnies | Got these for Ava! They’re under $8 and so cute!

7. Pink Sherpa Jacket | Such a steal at only $15

8. Red Booties | Perfect for year round but would be cute with any of these outfits.

9. Heart Shift Dress | I totally want this in my size! Comes in 3 prints and is only $14.

  1. Heart Leggings | These come in 3 prints and are a steal at only $6.

2. Sock Set | Perfect set if your little one can’t wear shoes yet

3. Heart Onesie | $5 steal! My recommendation would be to size down in the onesies. I found them always too big for Ava.

4. Pink Flats | These soft soles are perfect if you want your little one to have shoes on. Note: I would only buy these if your baby has chunkier feet. Still today, the ankle piece is too big for Ava and her feet slide right out

5. Heart PJ’s | These are almost gone, so if you see your size, definitely get them

6. Heart Flats | SO cute! They’re on sale for under $12

7. Red Dress | This dress is on sale for $15 and comes in 2 prints. My favorite pick from the baby section!

8. Heart Dress | The easiest dress hands down! Comes in 8 prints

9. Striped PJ’s | These are in stock in all sizes and so cute!

Family Lifestyle

Baby Jogger Review: City Mini Anniversary Edition

baby jogger stroller

This post has been sponsored by Baby Jogger. I received the stroller in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive any compensation related to this review, but this review does include affiliate links. All thoughts and opinions are my

baby jogger stroller

Happy Thursday, friends! PS Has this week flown by for anyone else?! I thought the first week back after 2 holiday weeks would be slow, but nope! Not complaining though 🙂

I wanted to share my thoughts on the City Mini Anniversary Edition today! Strollers these days have gotten huge, and heavy. Not to mention, SO dang expensive. I’ve seen some that are OVER $1,000….like what?! There are so many to choose from – Full size, travel systems, jogging strollers…the list goes on and on.  If you’re in the market for a new stroller, I highly suggest going into a baby story and take a look at the different types in person and see what features your’re drawn to. In today’s post, I wanted to talk a little bit about our City Mini Anniversary Edition, and give you my full and honest Baby Jogger review.

baby jogger stroller
baby jogger stroller
baby jogger stroller

When I opened our package, it was already late and dark outside, so I started using it inside my house. The first thing I noticed was how well it whipped around corners. Our first stroller was much bulkier, so when taking Ava anywhere, I would have to put her in the car, take the seat off the stroller, fold up the frame, and was sweating bullets after all of the steps were complete. Now that Ava is over a year, I knew I wanted something more compact and lightweight.

One of my favorite features of the City Mini Anniversary Edition is being able to fold the stroller with one hand. A simple lift of a strap folds the stroller down into a compact size, perfect if you have a sedan or want more space in your SUV. My other favorite feature is its generous sun canopy with two peekaboo windows. It provides great shade from the sun no matter what angle the seat is positions. Ava can get uninterrupted naps as the canopy can be opened up 1/3, 1/4 or full closed.

Since the stroller is so light weight (at only 22 lbs), but be aware that if you strap a heavy diaper bag to the handle and get your child out of the stroller, it will topple backwards. If you want to avoid this, the storage basket below has ample room for a small to medium size bag.

With every stroller, there are accessories. These are some of my favorites for the City Mini Anniversary Edition are the parent console, child tray, and glider board.

baby jogger stroller
baby jogger stroller

All in all, I’m so glad we have this stroller for the next stage with Ava. It’s convenient, lightweight, and will be perfect for traveling.

I would love to hear your favorite strollers in the comments below!


Things I Never Thought I Would Say Until Becoming a Mom

funny mom moments

funny mom moments

funny mom moments

funny mom moments

Is there ever a time when you’re with your kids and you find yourself saying things you never thought you would say as a parent and think, “did I really just say that?” Have you ever done something, like put your face to your child’s bottom to smell for poop, and have someone look at you (that clearly doesn’t have kids) with the face like “did she really just do that?” Yup, me to. There are certain things you never thought you’d need to say to another human. Then I had kids and now I have no idea what is about to come out of my mouth. Very recently, I said “why is your wubbanub wet?”…as she’s walking away from the toilet.

I asked some other moms some of the things they never thought they would say as a parent and the replies are hilarious! Things like…

“No… no…. we don’t lick the plunger” – Marquis Clarke,

 “Evie, please stop eating all the toilet paper!” – Lindsey Rosenstein,

 “Don’t touch your sister’s poop” – Katie Lamb,

“Amelia we don’t put our faces in toilets or play in the water!” – Kallie Flexman,

“Charleston – we don’t drink our bath water do we?!” – Brooke Jensen,

“No!!! Honey, that’s not blueberries…thats goat poop! Put it down and don’t try to eat it again.” Paige Crawford, 

“Put down the nibblets! Only the dog should eat the dog food!” – Melissa Wachman,

“Good girl, get those poopies out!” – Lydia D’Antonio,

“No, no Sofia that’s dog food. You didn’t eat the dog food?” Angela Amores, 

“Yes, yes, poopie’s good for you!” – Kennedi Christopher, 

If you’ve ever said something you never thought you would say, drop it in the comments below!

I hope you all have a great NYE and can’t wait for what’s in store for 2019!

Family Fashion

What To Wear for Family Photos

It’s family photo season and while it can be quite the task to find outfits, wrangle your kids, and plan everything, isn’t the end result SO worth it? While I use this blog for memories to look back on, I hope I can share some inspiration with y’all! Our friend/photographer Deven takes our yearly photos. You can see last years (here) as well as some tips from her here.

My biggest tip is to look at your home decor. These photos will ultimately be in picture frames around the house or on a gallery wall right? Our house is very bright so we tend to stray towards colors that are light: pinks, blues, creams, whites, etc. If your home decor is more bright and spunky, bust out the hot pink sweaters and bright accessories.

My dress is on sale here for $21 and comes in 5 other styles! The rest of our outfits are below: