Ava’s Playroom

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Happy Friday Friends! I am so excited to share Ava’s playroom with you guys! As she is developing into a toddler, I’m becoming more thankful of this room every single day. Ava’s playroom is really another bedroom, but it connects her to actual bedroom upstairs, so for the meantime, it’s the perfect space. It’s still a work in progress, but I wanted to share the process with y’all.

When creating this room, I knew I wanted to make the room unisex (if we had a boy next), but I also knew I wanted to use color. The rest of our house is pretty neutral or we use very soft colors, such as the pink in her room.

There is a nook to the right side of the room that fits this shelf holder. I purchased these white cubes [similar] and hot glued the pink ribbon on the front for a little emphasis. Super easy DIY! I wanted to keep the top four cubes open for items such as puzzles and books, but the bottom four hold toys. I hope to teach Ava to clean up, which these cubes make it easy to do. We just purchased the easel from IKEA for like $15, total steal! I plan to transform the chalk into a dual purpose magnetic board.

A few of the toys she absolutely loves are these blocks, Abacus [similar, ours is from IKEA], Xylophone. We recently added this fox night light, which not only plays sound, but comes in handy One item we don’t limit is books. Anytime we are at Target or Home Goods, I try to pick up another one to add to her collection. Two of the shelves currently hold her books, but these will most likely be moved to a basket once I have more.

We found the Shine Bright sign at our local At Home. This elephant chair is also one of her favorites! She is starting to outgrow it, due to the trunk, but it’ll last until she gets this Anywhere Chair for Christmas. Her teepee is also an item she’s had since she was an infant, so I’ll be upgrading it sometime this year, but it still works perfectly fine for her age and height. I’ve been working on a project for this room I’ll be sharing in the coming weeks and we still have to add some type of decals or wall mural, curtains, and other activities, but for now, this is what it looks like!

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