5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Graduated College

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I honestly can’t believe it’s been four entire years since I put on my cap and gown and was handed my diploma. I was 21-years-old when I graduated and left school feeling so unsure of where life was going to take me. I graduated with a degree in Supply Chain with emphasis in oil & gas, and being in Houston, you would of thought “you got this girl”….no. I applied to like 3-4 places and they all ‘required’ like 4 years of experience, a masters degree, and left leg. I shortly realized the supply chain world wasn’t for me, I was very fortunate to receive my first job offer a couple weeks after graduating. That was only the beginning

College is a safety net. I place where you can sleep until 10 or 11 and wake up just in time to get to class. College is the best, so enjoy it, but graduating can leave you with a million questions. Graduating was the moment where I realized that what happens next was completely up to me. Here is what comes to mind when I think back on same of the things I wish I would’ve known when I graduated college.

5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Graduated College

  1. Your first job will most likely not be your last: Have your parents worked at their same job for 30 or 40 years? Yes, mine to. One thing I urge you to do is talk to your parents about their career path, you might be surprised. When I knew my first job wasn’t for me, I had quite a few questions. Am I just being a baby? Is this what the real workforce is like? Will I like any job? What I can tell is trust your gut. I was a top performer at my first job, and made very good bonuses, but I was always pressured to stay until 6, 7, 8 PM…and it was for nothing. All of my work was completed and I was just sitting there because their philosophy was the longer the hours you worked, the more you “cared” about your job. One piece of advice to any college grad: this is not normal. One thing is does teach you is to look into other companies before you apply to see what their work/life balance is like.
  2. Making your own money is way better than spending your parents: While it’s wonderful having someone else pay for your housing and meal plan, it’s so much more rewarding being able to do it for yourself. Being fully responsible for your finances really forces you to grow up and hold yourself accountable. Plus, it leads me to number 3 🙂
  3. Splurge on that purse/shoes/etc.: You know that designer purse or nice pair of shoes you’ve been dreamingggggg about forever? If you’ve been saving from you big girl job, or you have extra money to spend now, splurge on that item! It seriously feels so rewarding to know you can buy you own items and that you’ve worked for them. My big splurge was my car!
  4. College doesn’t prepare you for the workforce: Don’t freak out, but it doesn’t. College classes are great for honing your writing skills, learning time management, practicing critical thinking and working in groups etc. but honestly it’s impossible to learn what a job entails without actually doing it.
  5. Rent furniture: This the biggest piece of advice I could give anyone in college or newly out of college. You know that Pinterest board you’ve had of all your home decor ideas and your dream house? Reality doesn’t hit until you go shopping for furniture and realize it’s $$$$. So what’s next, you settle on cheap furniture that you know is really not your style (but in your budget) and make it work until you can buy what you really like. Thennnn when you can afford the furniture you like, you try to sell that couch and realize people are literally offering you $20. *this has actually happened to me. If I would have known about renting from CORT Furniture. With CORT, you can rent the essentials and buy accessories to make your space your own. CORT has packages starting from $99 a month for a full apartment.

Here are a few design boards I created for a living room all with CORT furniture!

Sofa | Accent Chair | Ottoman | Fiddle Leaf | Pillows | Lamp

Sofa | Accent Chair | Coffee Table | Pillows | Fiddle Leaf | Rug

I’d love to hear things you wish you knew in the comments below!

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