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Cabo Travel Guide

Hi babes and Happy Tuesday!! Cabo has been on my bucket list for years! We headed to Cabo as an early anniversary celebration and also for a family trip. Last year I was 9 months pregnant, so traveling anywhere was out of the question. We had never been to Cabo, but so many of my friends had and they say they absolutely love it! Once we got there we completely understood what all the hype was about. Sean and I have been to Cancun a bunch of times because it’s so close to Houston, but honestly after visiting Cabo, this will definitely not be our last trip.

Where To Stay:

We stayed at the Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos and loved every minute of it! We were greeted with a hand towel and margarita, which is my kind of service!

Not only is it super family friendly from its large kid area [and kids only pool], but it also had nightly entertainment and the nicest employees that make the resort so fun. They have baby sitting for ages 4-12, and arcade, and full We ate at most of the restaurants on site, they had a Hibachi , Italian, Mexican,  Steakhouse. The Hibachi was our personal favorite and Ava LOVED watching the gentleman “play” with the food.

For the adults, they have 3 pools, a large one in the center of the resort, another that is right on the water, and a third adults only pool. We never made it to the adults only, but both the one on the beach and the adults only had a swim up bar. We did sneak away for a spa date at the Zen Spa and had an hour long couples massage. The Spa also has steam baths, saunas, and a lounge pool if you want to make a day at the spa.

Another great perk about this resort is it is less than 20 minutes from the airport!

We also ventured out for one excursion. My hubby surprised us with a 5 hour yacht trip that went up and down the coast, to Lover’s Beach, and Arch of Los Cabos. Funny thing, Lover’s Beach is right on the other side of Divorce Beach. Let’s just say one  During our trip, we saw dolphins, flying fish, and even a shark!

Here’s a few things I packed:

Disclaimer: This post is in partnership with Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos. My trip was sponsored by the brand in exchange for blog posts and social media shares. Thank you for supporting the brands that support the blog! 


How To Curl Your Hair For Beginners

Happy Sunday, loves!

I’m embarrassed to admit this, but we’re all friends right?! WELL, until recently, I didn’t know how to curl my hair properly. This probably came from circa 2006 when I tried to use a curling iron and looked straight up like Shirley Timple with ringlets…yes. Anywho, I took the plunge again, and would say this time, it turned out A LOT better.

I can now curl my hair in less than 10 minutes! If you’re a newbie like me, keep reading 🙂

Ok, so I have fine hair that hates to hold volume. Before blowdrying, use a texture or root boosting spray such as the one I use, Lange Root Booster. One tip that works really well for me is to blown dry it right before I curl it. I need all the help I can get!

After my hair is dry, I use Lange Rival for heat protection and spray it all over before separating into sections. Starting with the bottom section, I grab about 1 to 1 1/2 inches of hair using my Lange’s 1″ Curling Wand.  I haven’t mastered the curling towards and away from your face yet, so I just curl all pieces away from my face.

A big tip I’ve learned from a few beauty gals is to wait until your curls have cooled before messing with them.  This has been super helpful in making my curls last a little longer in this Texas humidity.

Last thing I do is spray all over [quite  a few times] with a good hairspray. And that’s it! I hope this was super super helpful as these were tips to help me!

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Saying Goodbye to Our First Home

If you read this post, you know we are moving.

We bought our first home before Ava, and poured our heart into making it a “home”. The truth is that there is nothing wrong with our first house, and we would still be happy there today if only it was about 30 minutes closer to our families. That’s the funny thing about shopping for homes before you have children, but with children in mind you think … with the right space, good enough schools, a neighborhood with a pool and a playground, you’ll be set. For the most part, that’s true until you find yourself commuting to a daycare 40 minutes away from where you live, and having a fully decorated nursery upstairs but it being too far from your bedroom. We didn’t plan for that. We also didn’t plan on traveling to the other side of town most weekends for “fun”.

Yesterday, we signed over the documents that make our house, no longer our home. We said goodbye to the home where we brought home our baby. We said goodbye to the home that made us home owners, and that taught us the ups (and downs) of home ownership. I haven’t been emotional until now. I remember the first time we saw that house, and the excitement where I knew it was “the one” and that it was perfect for us. I remember locking the door behind us when we would see it on the weekends, so no one could come inside “our” home. I remember surprising Sean with a positive pregnancy test and telling him he was going to be a dad. I remember praying over the home during Hurricane Harvey and praying we had a safe space to bring Ava home to. I remember decorating Ava’s nursery and praying for it to be a place of comfort (and secretly praying that she loved pinked as much as I do). I remember Sean attempting to hang a 50 lb mirror with two nail hooks. I remember our first Christmas  and hosting our families. I remember the garage poses I bargained with my husband to take.

Now it’s time for our first home to help create memories for a new family. I pray that it brings them as much joy as it brought us over the past two years. (and sorry about the grass) And while they’re restarting  and making memories at our first home, I know we’ll be doing the same in our new one. In the end, although we’ll miss our first home and all of the memories it brought, we are definitely excited about our new home and all of the memories it will bring.

What’s your favorite memory from your first home? If you don’t have a first home yet, what memory are you looking forward to? I’d love to reminisce with you all in the comments below!

House Tour Below:


We Sold Our House

Whatttttt?! Crazy, I know! There’s a little back story to this, so bear with me.

We were super eager when we bought this home. While we were engaged, we would spend weekends driving and looking at houses. Our apartment was in the Memorial area, so when we stumbled upon our current neighborhood in Cypress, we thought it was so much closer to our family. Not joking when I say we would go to the house (our current house) while we were still coming up with our down payment (…20% is no joke people), and just hang out in the house, walk around the neighborhood, and then lock the door behind us so no one could go in and look at the house. Yes….we actually did that (HAHA).

Fast forward, we’re still 40 minutes from the closest family member, and for some reason, it just never felt like “home” to me. I never wanted to do too much to the house because I knew we weren’t going to stay forever. We started to spend weekends searching again and came across our dream home in Kingwood. It’s (almost) everything we want in a home. Note: I’ve realized we can’t get everything without building, but building is too stressful, so I think we found the best of both worlds.

Our house will be finished in the middle of June. We bought it with enough time to change a few things out to make it more our style, but the vast majority was already chosen. I can’t wait to share how we decorate! We (I) decorated this house pre-baby. If it wasn’t white, cream, or grey, I didn’t want it. If you’re a parent, PLEASE laugh with (not at) me. 9 months in and I’m laughing at all those pre-baby thoughts. We will be keeping the majority of our furniture, but I’ll be adding more color and items that can withstand any future babies.

I can’t wait to start sharing the progress of our home and all the decorative processes!

Have a great rest of your week!