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Valentines Day is around the corner and I can’t wait! This will be Ava’s first Valentine’s, so I’m looking forward to new traditions we will start together. I’ll do a whole separate post on gifts for the little one’s, don’t you worry. 🙂 With Christmas and then my birthday in January, we like to keep it simple for Valentine’s Day. We’ll honestly probably order a pizza, watch Shark Tank, and call it a night with Ava.

Even if you aren’t in a relationship, I think this holiday is fun to just celebrate love in life in general! Love yourself and splurge on this bag #girlboss. Love your best friends and have a Galentines dinner. Love your couch and treat it to that cute pillow or throw you’ve been eyeing. If you have someone special in your life, pass this along to them, and thank me later 🙂

What are some of your favorite traditions you did growing up or you do now? Would love to hear!

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Hey Friends, happy Saturday! Can you believe Christmas is only 9 days away?!

If my parents are anything like yours, here is the typical conversation.

“Me: What do you guys want for Christmas?

Mom/Dad: I don’t know/we don’t need anything/just surprise me”

So typical right?! Well hopefully these help out a little bit! I picked a few items you could gift to both of them and a few for just mom or dad. I also chose retailers who either 1. have order online and store pick up or 2. the items will still arrive by Christmas.

  1. Bose Music System
  2. Ninja Coffee Maker – This is such a steal! Plus, who doesn’t love coffee?!
  3. Men’s UGG Slippers – Seriously the softest slippers ever! My dad LOVES slippers and I love UGG ones because the fur never mats down. I’ve had some of my UGGS for like 5 years and they’re still super soft!
  4. Monogram Slate Tray – This is perfect for appetizers, cheese, cake, cupcakes, and is cute enough to be kept out as decor!
  5. Docking Station
  6. Martha Stewart Robe – I was at the store the other day and felt this robe. Softest. Robe. EVER.
  7. Cutting Board – This is such a great addition to any traditional/county/farmhouse kitchen.
  8. Tag 3 Piece Luggage – Such a perfect gift if your parents travel! The 3 pieces are perfect so they could each have one and the carry on.


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Happy Friday Y’all! It SNOWED last night here (in Houston, so this is a BIG deal) so we woke up to our little winter wonderland.

After doing a story on gift ideas for co-workers, I was really surprised a lot of you chose ideas for both men and women. I wanted to break these up into different categories: Wine Lovers, Bride to Be, Girly Girl, and Men. All of these are under $30 and most under $20! I hope these will be super helpful and lead you in the right direction!

1. Wine Lovers

Wine Glass | Initial Bottle Stopper | Rose Candy Bento Box | Travel Mug | Lunch Tote | Rose Tray | Football & Wine Tank | Fur Wine Bag

2. Bride-to-be

 Wifey Water Bottle | Ring Dish | Journal | Mr. & Mrs. Champagne Flutes | Wife Life Set | Miss to Mrs. Mug | Bride Bag

3. Girly Girl

Sigma Set | Cant Adult Mug| Eye Mask | Desk Calendar | Rose Gold Pouch Set | Yoga Bag | Chunky Scarf | Instagram Water Bottle

4. Men

Desk Cards| Drink Holder  | Carry-On Cocktail | Star Wars Socks | Desktop Golf | Walkie Talkies | Donut Warming Mug | Whiskey Chillers

I hope these help! I’d love to hear some of the best gifts you’ve received before!