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What’s In My Fawn Design Diaper Bag

Happy Friday, Friends! I am so excited for today’s post because it’s something I’m asked all the time. What is my favorite diaper bag? What do I love about it? How is the material in person? I’m hear to say, I seriously LOVE (and I mean LOVE) my Fawn Design bags. I actually have two: a black and now gray. One of the biggest tips to any new moms or mom’s-to-be is to buy a diaper bag that converts to a backpack. Being hands free is a game changer! Also, I love bags that don’t scream diaper bag and bags that I can still carry as Ava gets older. If you invest in a good bag, you’ll get your monies worth and not feel like you need another bag.

Now on to what I carry in my diaper bag. The first couple months, I carried everything. I was ready for an Apocalypse. That also left me carrying around a 8 lb baby and a brick of a backpack. Around month 4, I moved towards only carrying around the essentials.

For Ava:

3-4 diapers
Full bottle of milk
A change of clothes
A portable changing mat

For Myself:

Hand Sanitizer
Chap Stick
Cell Phone

Yup, that’s it! I don’t carry a purse anymore because it’s just easier to have everything in one spot.

Fawn Design bags already have plenty of compartments, but they just partnered with another one of my favorite brands to create matching inserts into their bags. Check it out here.

Want to see more colors? Check out their blush (all heart eyes) and other colors here!


Thank you to Fawn Design for sponsoring today’s post. While this was gifted, I truly LOVE this bag and use it every day.

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7 Products We’ve Actually Used All 7 Months

Hi Friends, happy Tuesday!

We are getting back in the swing of things after a rough weekend, but I wanted to share 7 items we’ve used from newborn all the way up to now 7 months. Like I said here, I know registry list and “must have items” can be overwhelming and a lot to take in, so whether you’re expecting, a new mom, or an experienced mom who can relate or share your own tips, I hope this list helps out. 🙂 Best part is, everything is on Amazon Prime, so you can get it in less than 2 days!

  1. Baby Detergent: Y’all, this stuff smells SO GOOD. After we found out Ava was well Ava, we started buying all the girl clothes. Dreft smells like a baby in a bottle, I’m so obsessed. We actually wash our clothes with it as well since Ava is always holding onto us, laying on us, etc. It comes in Newborn Stage 1, and Active Stage 2. As I’m writing this, I’m realizing we’re still using the Newborn detergent (oh well!). Dreft also comes with a stain remover and pre-treatment pen. Both are perfect for the inevitable blow out….trust me.
  2.  Forehead Thermometer: This is the one we have and love it. We love that it has both the ear and head pieces, because as the overprotective mom, I check both when she’s sick.
  3. Foldable Changing Pad: This has seriously been one of our most used products. We not only use it while we’re out, but this is primarily what we change Ava on at home. Her changing pad is upstairs in her room, and to date, I don’t think I’ve ever used it once. This one is great because it wipes down super easily and can be throw in any bag because it has space for wipes and diapers.
  4. Stroller Hooks: This is another item that is so small, but has been so helpful looking back on these past 7 months. These things can hold a TON. When we go to the mall, I carry my diaper bag, pump bag, shopping bags, etc. and they don’t slide down and have held everything.
  5. Breast Pump: I’ve used this one since day 1 and have nothing but great things to say about it! Check with your insurance first, as most plans offer (at least) the starter pump. This pump was actually an upgrade, but it was like less than $50 more. I love that you can discretely walk around with the bag, unless you’re a mom and KNOW it’s a pump bag. What is also really convenient is that is comes with an ice box/pack AND a battery operated cord, so if you’re out somewhere without an outlet, you can still pump and go on about your plans. ***A little PSA: finding bathrooms with outlets is actually pretty hard to find, unless you’re somewhere with a single stall bathroom.
  6. Bottle Brush/Drying Rack: These are self explanatory. One thing we ended up returning was sterilizer. I didn’t find us using it at all. Tip: I boil my bottles/nipples once a week and then I’ve rotated through bottles as Ava has grown.
  7. Baby Carrier: We use this one and LOVE it! Funny story, when we first got it, I told Sean this would totally be his carrier and that I would just use a wrap. I tried a wrap twice and Ava never got comfortable and I felt she wasn’t secure. I tried this one on a walk with the newborn insert and my life was changed. With the Ergobaby, she felt secure, and what I love about it now is that she can either face inward, outward, or I can put in on my back and she’s still safe.

I really hope these were helpful! If you’re a mom, I would love to hear your best products to 🙂


The Secret to Finding Mom Friends You Actually Want to Hang Out With

“I see you have created a tiny human. I, too, have done this.” – Me trying to make mom friends

^^But in reality, this is SO true.

As a mom, and a first time mom at that, you live in this freaky little world where you openly talk about blow outs and spit up, yet you don’t realize it until either one of two things happen: 1. your friends without kids look at you mildly horrified or 2. you have a woman shake their head any you know they’re thinking “YASSSSS, I get you.”

Also, being a first time mom can be intimidating because you compare yourself to other moms. They appear to have their ish together. More than once I’ve sent my daughter to daycare in her pajamas, questioning if they were the same pajamas she wore the day before. More than once I’ve forgotten diapers when we were out, only to realize it during the worst possible situations.

And guess what, it won’t be my last. And guess what, the sweetest response from some of my newest friends have me “me too.” This parenting thing is the best thing to ever happen to me, but also the hardest. You can read all of the books, but nothing will prepare you for the first time you and your baby go out solo, and the hormones are rushing, and you can’t get the car seat out of the base, so you just start crying. Nothing will prepare you for the first blow out that literally goes through the entire car seat.

One of my sweetest friends started out as the photographer we wanted to use for our announcement photos. She asked what the photo shoot was for, and we were at the point where we were hesitate to announce, but I knew I couldn’t just say “uhhh, a photo shoot where a baby balloon might show up in a picture.” As soon as I told her, I she revealed her precious news to me as well and our friendship has just grown since. One of the best parts about having mom friends is getting to talk about your babies. Lets be honest, *most* of us don’t want friends to go out with and leave our kids with babysitters, we want friends we can have baby play dates, we want talk about our babies and share the most mildly gross but hilariously stories, and we want to talk about mom things.

The same friend ^^ also just created a mom group where we’re setting play dates to all hang out and meet other moms. I truly can’t wait for our first meet up! If you’re in Houston, let me know! If you’re not and you have the time, I encourage you to start a group. You never know who you’ll meet and how they’ll affect your life!

So the next time you see a mom, whether at day care, at church, or just a Target that’s been in your situation, just go over and say “me too.” She’s not the only one dropping balls. We are all dropping balls all over the place. And we’re picking them up together.


Motherhood: Month 7

Another month has come and gone. Seriously, time has been FLYING by. I knew people said this, but until it’s your child, it’s hard to truly comprehend. We are at the stage where she thinks EVERYTHING is hers and NEEDS to go in her mouth. She also likes grabbing everything…especially dinner plates and glasses…that fall all over the floor. Ava is now *basically* crawling…like she’s not 100% but she gets on her knees and flops down on her belly, but ultimately, she gets where she is trying to go. She has also mastered moving from crawling to sitting position and still loves when we clap and say “yay, Ava!”

Ava also LOVES to talk. She’s not saying any words yet, but she can carry on a conversation like no ones business. It’s the cutest thing because she’ll wake up and we’ll know because we just hear her talking and laughing in her pack-n-play.

A few stats from her doctor’s appointment last week: She is 15 lbs, in 6-9 month clothes, 3-6 month shoes, and and her two top teeth are just breaking through. Some of our favorite stores for her are: Carters, Old Navy, and Target.

Here are a few photos from over the month 🙂