Baby M is a…..


We were over the moon excited to find out our little blessing was a baby girl! We did the genetic screening, so we found out pretty early in my pregnancy what baby’s gender was. One thing to remember is that you can never be certain on what the Old Wives Tales state. I had all signs pointing to a little boy.

I was so certain I was having a little boy that I had only been looking at boy nursery ideas, boy clothes, etc. My husband REALLY wanted a little girl, so when we got the news, he was over the moon excited!

Before we knew baby M was a girl, we had already picked out her name. Sean and I had talked about baby names for years….girls, sometimes you just know the “one” is the one. 🙂 We had 3 names picked out…Ava, Emma, and Jackson. We knew our first girl would be named Ava and first boy would be named Jackson.

Let’s just say I’ve been a little excited on the monogramming…#southernproblems.

I can’t wait to see the kind of dad Sean is. He’s such an amazing husband that I only know he will be a perfect dad.

I’ll do a full post on the Gender Reveal Party with our family as hosting is one of my favorite things!

XOXO, Katelyn

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