July 4th Outfit Ideas

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Hi friends! Can y’all believe we’re already over halfway through June?! It blows my mind that July 4th is now just over 2 weeks away! We are all moved in and gearing up for our vacay, but I wanted to get y’all squared away for 4th of July! I love this time of year and celebrating this holiday is always so much fun. 4th of July starts our budy two months: my dad’s birthday, our anniversary, Sean’s birthday, AND Ava’s birthday! We just bought a boat, so this year, we’ll be going to the lake, boat rides, fireworks, chips & salsa…there’s nothing better! Today I wanted to share lots of July 4th outfit ideas with y’all. These are outfits that would work for pool parties, vacations,  club, and anything in between! But, there also just great summer looks you could wear throughout the entire season!

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Saying Goodbye to Our First Home

If you read this post, you know we are moving.

We bought our first home before Ava, and poured our heart into making it a “home”. The truth is that there is nothing wrong with our first house, and we would still be happy there today if only it was about 30 minutes closer to our families. That’s the funny thing about shopping for homes before you have children, but with children in mind you think … with the right space, good enough schools, a neighborhood with a pool and a playground, you’ll be set. For the most part, that’s true until you find yourself commuting to a daycare 40 minutes away from where you live, and having a fully decorated nursery upstairs but it being too far from your bedroom. We didn’t plan for that. We also didn’t plan on traveling to the other side of town most weekends for “fun”.

Yesterday, we signed over the documents that make our house, no longer our home. We said goodbye to the home where we brought home our baby. We said goodbye to the home that made us home owners, and that taught us the ups (and downs) of home ownership. I haven’t been emotional until now. I remember the first time we saw that house, and the excitement where I knew it was “the one” and that it was perfect for us. I remember locking the door behind us when we would see it on the weekends, so no one could come inside “our” home. I remember surprising Sean with a positive pregnancy test and telling him he was going to be a dad. I remember praying over the home during Hurricane Harvey and praying we had a safe space to bring Ava home to. I remember decorating Ava’s nursery and praying for it to be a place of comfort (and secretly praying that she loved pinked as much as I do). I remember Sean attempting to hang a 50 lb mirror with two nail hooks. I remember our first Christmas  and hosting our families. I remember the garage poses I bargained with my husband to take.

Now it’s time for our first home to help create memories for a new family. I pray that it brings them as much joy as it brought us over the past two years. (and sorry about the grass) And while they’re restarting  and making memories at our first home, I know we’ll be doing the same in our new one. In the end, although we’ll miss our first home and all of the memories it brought, we are definitely excited about our new home and all of the memories it will bring.

What’s your favorite memory from your first home? If you don’t have a first home yet, what memory are you looking forward to? I’d love to reminisce with you all in the comments below!

House Tour Below:

Gift Guides

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Hi Friends! Happy Friday! Father’s Day is right around the corner and it’s Sean’s first Father’s Day. He is the absolute BEST DAD and so I’m already planning ways to make his first Father’s Day special.

I put together a little gift guide of items relatively affordable and a few items for each kind of guy.

Herschel Duffel Bag: Is your guy the kind that never upgrades some essential basics? When I met Sean, he would always travel with this draw string Nike bag that was like a bottomless pit and had holes in it. This is a perfect carry-on, weekender or gym bag!

Dad Bod Shirt: Y’all, I died laughing when I saw this shirt. If your guy loves graphic tees and a little humor, this is for him.

Coffee Mug: Another funny gift. Oh, and it’s also under $10

Baseball Cap: Sean’s weekend attire includes running shoes, athletic gear and a hat. We are constantly getting new ones because 1. he loses them (most common) or 2. he wants another to add to his little collection

Running Shoes: I’ve raved about the women’s version of these shoes and I saw they had them in mens. PS: great for running after little ones to!

Watch Case: This is another item if you man needs a little upgrade. I bought this for Sean last year (for Christmas or another holiday) and he loves it because he has all of his watches in one spot instead of in their boxes.

Steel Water Bottle: Such a cool design and these stay cold for a long time! This would be perfect if you guy likes outdoors, the gym, or for any boating or water activities.

AirPods: These are a little of a splurge but SO useful. Sean and I got new phones (we upgrade every other edition, so the last ones we had were 6’s) and realized there was no cord for head phones anymore. While I think Apple has a little monopoly going on, I’ve heard great things about these.

Bottle Breacher: This was on Shark Tank and is SO COOL. I know it’s not for every guy, but check it out if your guys likes this kind of stuff.

Cornhole Set: Perfect family activity that you can easily set up in your backyard, park, beach. You name it!


Motherhood: Month 9

Just a few days ago, my Ava turned 9 months old! Here is an update on the latest and greatest!

Ava has six teeth now…yes six. I know I’m a little slow to incorporate more solid foods, but the gagging scares me! She still loves these puffs, Stage 3 purees, and eggs. We tried this yogurt for the first time and she loved it! We are eating meals 2-3 times a day. When Ava is awake, she is busy. Like, she wakes up and doesn’t stop until nap time. I love her energy and seeing her excitement for all things. Gone are the days where she would be content just sitting. This girl is crawling, pulling up on everything, and “cruising” while holding onto the couch or table.

We had another double ear infection this month, but the pediatrician stated it was common of daycare babies. During that appointment, we found out she was 16 lbs! She’s still in size 3 diapers, and 6-9 month clothes.

She still loves shaking her head no, saying DADADADADADA, and baba. We’re still working on mama. I think she’s playing with me because every time I ask her to say mama, she smiles and shakes her head no. She is seriously the happiest baby ever. Sean and I joke (kind of) that she might be an only child because we don’t want to test it with another baby. We say if we have another, they will be an absolute terror.

Sleeping is still the same from our 8 month update. A few things she has really loved this month are petting Wayne, splashing in the pool/bath tub, and having her wubbanub in her mouth at all times. I know we need to switch this out for another pacifier, but I’m dreading the tantrum that will come from it.