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Casual Valentine’s Outfits For Mommy & Me

My Outfit: Top, Similar, Similar | Jeans | Shoes, Similar | Bag (Similar)

Ava’s Outfit: Top | Jeans | Shoes

Happy Monday, friends!

This weekend FLEW by. We spent Saturday looking at houses and then the stomach bug hit my husband Sunday. I’m jealous for those of you off today! With it already being half way through January (wait, what?!), I wanted to talk about Mommy & Me outfits for Valentine’s Day. Y’all, dressing a baby is SO MUCH FUN! I will probably have her dress like me until she doesn’t want to anymore…and even then I still might try, HA!

We keep things simple and casual in our house. I love being able to re-wear outfits, especially over multiple seasons. Stripes are definitely my favorite so far this year. I’ve bought so many striped tops recently, so stay tuned as I know they’ll be a staple this Spring/Summer. Add a pair of white shorts/pants or a cute denim jacket and you’ll be set!

Hoping y’all had the best day!



Why We Chose Daycare & How to Adjust

The day before my daughter started daycare, I was a complete mess. Partly because she was still a baby but also because I was used to being the only one taking care of her during the day and I KNEW she would get exactly what she wanted. The night before, my husband and I contemplated pushing daycare off for longer. We had a million questions we were asking each other: What if they don’t feed her when she starts crying? What if they are already feeding two babies? Will they just let her sit there and cry? It was definitely an emotional night.

Like many first time moms (or all moms rather), the first day back to work can be tough, especially if you’ve made the decision to place your little one in daycare. I was fortunate enough to wait it out until she was about 4 1/2 months old, but it still wasn’t easy. I also recently received a few questions (and some slight criticism) about our decision to put her in daycare and why I didn’t decide to be a stay at home mom. I wanted to discuss how we’ve prepared, adjusted and handled the first week.

First, I wanted to start out by saying I’m still a full time working momma. Still working on juggling working, blogging, our home, and caring for our girl, but I’ve come to terms with the fact that not everything will be perfect or will get done in a day, and it’s OK.  Fun fact, I never actually had a maternity leave after having her. I work for a family owned restoration company and Ava was born the day Hurricane Harvey hit Houston. Needless to say, we needed all the help we could get and I was happy to do so. It was also a blessing in disguise. Since Ava was in the NICU (and I’m sure all NICU moms can relate), the machines and alarms in the NICU can make you a little crazy. At our hospital, Ava shared a room with another baby (MUCH smaller than she was), but anytime an alarm would go off, I would freak out checking to see if it was her, what was going on etc. My husband and I actually brought our laptops up there and worked right outside of her room. Also, I have no plan on quitting my job. It’s a family owned business that I will be running someday, so in actuality, I don’t have an option to quit, HA. Now that that’s addressed, I want to talk about how we’ve prepared and adjusted to her first couple days in daycare.


I can’t stress this enough. One of the best things we did was interview multiple daycare’s. We knew there were several things that were absolute must-haves for us, so we took the time to research early and plan. *Tip: If you’re pregnant and know your child will be going to daycare, I advise looking before the baby is born because 1. It’s easy to waddle into a daycare by yourself without having to get out a car seat, stroller, etc. and 2. Some daycare’s (especially really good ones) will have a waiting list. Here are a few questions we asked each daycare we went to:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • What is the security like here?
  • How long have the teachers been here?
  • Are your teachers infant CPR certified?
  • What are your hours?
  • What’s your holiday schedule? What other days are you closed? *Some daycare’s follow the schools off days
  • Must children be immunized in order to attend?
  • Do you supply diapers and wipes? What else should I bring?
  • Will I receive a daily report for my child?
  • Do you have cameras? If not, can the teacher send you pictures of your child?
  • Does my child have their own crib or do they share?
  • Am I able to leave the car seat?
  • What can I keep here for my child?

Don’t be afraid to treat it like an interview! If you’re going to trust someone with your child, you have any and all rights to ask as many questions that you want. One other thing I did was went during drop off/pick up and asked the other parents candidly how they liked their child going here, if they had any problems, etc. Also, if a daycare asks you to schedule, that *could* be a red flag. *All daycare’s we looked at said we could drop by any time for a tour and could come by at any time to drop off, check on and pick up our child.


The best teacher in life is experience. Looking back, I wish we would have done a trial day before dropping her off for a full day. She had no issues and had the perfect day, but me and my husband learned a few things during the first drop off that we should have known before (but hey, we’re first time parents). The night before her first day, I made a list of things we knew she would need and packed her diaper bag so we weren’t scrambling last minute and potentially forgetting something. Our daycare provides wipes and bibs, so we packed the following:

  • Several backup outfits
  • Diapers (to leave there)
  • *Bottle
  • Pacifier
  • Teething toys

*As a new parent and new to daycare, we didn’t know the milk already needed to be in bottles and labeled, so we showed up with ONE bottle and 4 bags of milk….needless to say we learned for the next day to put her milk in separate bottles beforehand. Like I said before, we’re first time parents so really everything is a learning experience.

Lastly, leaving your child with someone else is down right terrifying at first. Don’t be afraid to call and check in on your child. You aren’t the first person to do it, and you most definitely won’t be the last. Checking in not only puts you at ease, but helps make the adjustment a little easier.

We’re only a few days in, but I figured I would share what we’ve learned so far, in hopes I can help someone else struggling with the same things.

I’ll do a post later on recapping our first month!



Best Purchases of 2017

Happy Saturday, Friends! It’s a rare Saturday where I’m posting a blog post, but the first week of 20178 [going to take a while to get used to writing that], is almost over and I wanted to talk through my top purchases. While some of these truly are pricey items, they’re great to put on any registry, birthday list, etc. as they’ve made my life just a little easier. I go into why I love each of these below, so keep reading for some info!

  1. Wubbanub: If you’ve followed me from Ava’s birth, you know how much I’ve raved about this. If you haven’t, welcome and let me tell you why you need this. This pacifier comes in so many animals and cool thing is the animal acts like a weight. When Ava was first born, this helped keep the pacifier in her mouth and now (at 4 months), she likes holding the animal and evening chewing on them like a teether. I’m sure this will turn into her version of a security blanket because we have multiple of these and they go everywhere with us….or else.
  2. Planner: This is something I didn’t need until I had a baby. I was totally a notes on your phone kind of girl, but between doctors visits for me/Ava, reminders for diapers, task for work and now blogging, I need to write things physically down and to have everything organized in one spot. I’ll show more of why I like this on my stories today.
  3. Owlet Smart Sock: Like I said, I know some of these are pricey, but if you can ask for one thing on your/any baby registry, this was a must have. I talked a little about it here. A little back story, Ava was in the NICU after she was born with Brady episodes. After being in the NICU for 8 days, she was episode free and we were able to take her home. While we were in the hospital, we knew we had to get this before she was solely in our hands. If not, we knew we would go crazy either 1. constantly panicking or 2. not sleeping from watching her breathe. To save our lives, jobs and probably marriage [kidding….kind of], we bought it the day before we brought her home. It tracks your babies heart rate, oxygen level, has an illuminating dock station that is green if everything is normal, AND will turn red & alarm if either of her levels drop.
  4. Ring Doorbell: We bought our house in November of 2016 and definitely didn’t know ANYTHING about being a home owner. How do you measure for blinds? How many times a week do you have to water your lawn? What does a breaker box look like? Yes, all real questions Sean and I had to ask. I married a tech guy, not a handy man [love you hun], so a lot of the handy stuff I still leave up to my dad. Back to the point, the Ring was perfect for us, as expecting parents, because 1. at the end of my pregnancy, I was lazy and didn’t want to get up from the couch, 2. the Ring isn’t like a normal loud doorbell, so perfect with a newborn so she would wake up or the dogs wouldn’t bark if anyone came to the door. I also like you can record anyone that comes to your door AND the best part, you know when packages are being delivered and can do the happy dance.
  5. Levi’s Jeans: I’ve talked about these so many times and I’ll continue to talk about them. They are hands down, the best jeans I own. I actually don’t own that many pairs of jeans because I’m pretty picky on the fit. These come in regular and short lengths, so many colors, and are the perfect amount of stretch, but not the stretch that has you having the mom butt from being so loose by the end of the day.
  6. Loreal BB Cream: I found this gem late in 2017, but it has been a miracle worker, so it deserves to be on this list. I don’t really wear foundation. Truthfully, I am no expert in this field, so I look like a blind mouse walking into Sephora. Another blogger talked about this, so I decided to try it out. I’ll talk more about this on my stories, but it’s a BB Cream [not sure what that means, but I know it means light and light coverage]. The product comes out of the tube green and the best part is it matches to your shade at all times.
  7. Baby Bunt: Another thing that if you’ve been following me since Ava was born, you’ve seen how much she already loves this. There is something so comforting about it. She can be so fussy [especially when we’ve passed nap time and she’s fighting it] yet I can put here in this and about 5 minutes later, she is out like a light. It’s great if you live in colder states. We don’t need it much here in Texas, but it’s such a steal for the price and comes in 3 different colors.
  8. BP Basic Tee: This tee has become part of my weekly wardrobe rotation. It is the perfect length to wear over leggings and comes in like 6 different colors.
  9. Hatch Baby Rest: Last item of my top purchases. This one isn’t as expensive, but could be something you could put on your registry as we love it. It’s a sound machine for babies that has multiple presets. You can also create your own preset with sounds and illuminating color. Speaking of color, it can illuminate blue, pink, green, yellow (really any color you want), which I know Ava will love in the future if she wants an all pink room. The reason we really liked this one is because you can change the function of it for when you child is older to a time to wake clock. You can download the free app to sync with the Hatch, and can set it to change from red to green (or whatever color you want) at a certain time letting you child know it’s time to wake up. How cool right?! We’ve had it in our room now since Ava was born and Sean is used to the white noise….so we might be getting two of them for when she transitions to her room.

I hope these helped! These have all made my life easier is some way, shape, or form and hope they can help someone else out as well! Off to celebrate my birthday!



Motherhood: Month 4

I feel like I say this every month, but another month has flown by and it’s been the best month yet! I’m a little late because we all had the flu, and her 4 month check-up was Wednesday, so I wanted to wait and get her stats before posting the update. Her personality is the best and she’s becoming more independent, yet still loves to be snuggled. Instead of answering questions for this monthly update I thought I’d talk about some of the highs & lows.


  • She had her 4-month check up on Wednesday and is a perfectly healthy and thriving little girl! So praise God for that! She is still 60th percentile for height (like what?!) and 17% on weight.
  • Our Pediatrician said that Maxi can start on solids whenever we feel comfortable. She did an assessment of her and recommended we start between 4 and 6 months. I know each mama does things differently, so I won’t go into too much detail on that. Ava isn’t 100% curious about food just yet, so I’m going to wait until that curiosity spikes a bit more.
  • She has also started cooing (vowel sounds) which is really neat to hear her mimic. She also makes THE CUTEST bear sound. I don’t know how to describe it but watch my instastories because I record her doing it all the time.
  • Ava loves this. She has really been wanting to stand (early walker maybe?), so it’s been perfect. She’s not quite tall enough to play with the toys, so we’ve put this and this on top and she really enjoys it.


  • Ava got sick for the first time. We started noticing it Christmas Eve Eve, and it was full blown by Christmas. Seeing your child sick is by far the saddest thing ever. We were able to see the Pediatrician the day after Christmas, and she told us it would take about a 10-14 days to go away. Luckily, at our appointment Wednesday, our Pedi said her lungs sounded really good and she should be back to normal in the next day or so. I used this, this, this and this while she was sick for any mamas needing advice.
  • At her check-up, on top of her shots, she had to get her blood drawn to see if she has an allergy. Did you know they draw blood on babies through their arm vein like an adult?! I didn’t know that and was shocked to see them trying to find her vein.
  • This last one isn’t really a low, but it just shows how fast time goes by. Ava is now in Size 2 diapers and wearing some 0-3 month clothes still, but we’re transitioning more to 3-6 month.

We have some major things happening during Month 5, so be sure to check back. Also, thank you so much for caring about Ava!