Infant Easter Outfit Ideas


Hi Friends!

With Easter fast approaching, I wanted to do a round up of some outfit ideas for both girls and boys! I know a lot of you requested some ideas for  boys, so I have you covered 🙂 Stay tuned for a post on toddlers as well! This post is going to be pretty short and sweet, so just click on the outfit you like, and it will take you directly to the link!



BBG Week 1

Hi Friends, I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I’m so excited to share with y’all a new journey I started last week, Bikini Body Guide (BBG). I started BBG after seeing a few other bloggers talk about BBG and I was like “What the heck is BBG?” THEN, I saw there transformations and I was like yup, I’m totally starting this.

Now some of you will say I look great, and I totally thank you for that, but I only had Ava 6 months ago, and I’ll be honest, there is some loose skin I want to tighten and want at least some baby abs back. Plus, my love with Chick-Fil-A is no where close to ending, so I figured I could at least work out a little.

Another reason I choose to try BBG was the fact that I didn’t like going to a gym after work. Ava was already at daycare all day and I have serious mom guilt about going to the gym and putting her in daycare again.

I wanted to answer a few questions just in case you have them about BBG:

1.What is BBG?
– 3x a week: resistance training for ~30 minutes
– 2-3x a week: low intensity steady state (LISS) cardio for 30-45 minutes (so for me it’s strolling the neighborhood with Ava)
I worked out Monday-Saturday and took Sunday off. *Rest days are super important for BBG.

2. How does BBG work?
It’s two circuits that you complete in approx. 7 minutes. The circuits repeat twice and then you have a 30 second break.

Ex. Time Circuit One for 7 minutes (if you finish before the timer is up, repeat circuit 1 from the beginning until the timer goes off)
Rest 30-90 seconds before moving on to Circuit Two
Time Circuit Two for 7 minutes (if you finish before the timer is up, repeat circuit 2 from the beginning until the timer goes off)
Rest 30 seconds
Repeat steps 1-3 so that you’ve completed each circuit twice!

3. How long is BBG?
It’s as 12 week program, but I see people often doing it over and over again.

I’m not going to lie, I was EXTREMELY sore after the first day (I took a few days off #guilty) but I picked back and and so excited I did. I’m excited to start Week 2 today and see my journey. I love the program so far and I’m going to do a full review with before and after progress pictures when I finish. If any of y’all have completed BBG, I’d love to see your transformations!


Splurge, Save, Steal

Happy Friday, friends!

Spring is officially upon us which means the sun will grace us with its presence a little longer after this weekend. On my Instastory the other day, I asked whether y’all would like set days for certain items/discussions. While I’m still working on a few days, I figured I’d dedicate Friday to Friday Finds. As Friday is paypay (hayyyyy!), I totally start online browsing around noon. If you’re like me, you love a good deal. One of my biggest pet peeves is seeing something super cute, clicking on it, and then seeing the price be more than my mortgage. Now if you can, you go #girlboss.

All of these items are even reasonable for most budgets. When it comes to shoes, you’re never going to see me talk about a $600 pair, because that’s just not me. It’s always a challenge to narrow down so many adorable trends, so I hope you all enjoyed today’s roundup. If you want me to find affordable versions of your favorite pieces next month, be sure to let me know what they are in the comments!

Have a great weekend sweet girls!



15 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

  1. I eat Chick-Fil-a at least 4 times a week. Those french fries are too good to pass up.
  2. I was a competitive cheerleader for 10 years and played around with gymnastics before. I’ve come to accept I’ll never have little legs as muscle just stays on them.
  3. I have two pugs – Wayne and Mille. They make random appearances in my Instastory but are still kinda bitter about Ava.
  4. I totally love a good DIY and have great visions in my head…that never turn out great. All you DIY’ers, I’m happy to buy your wonderful products
  5. I eat oatmeal and drink Starbucks every single day. I actually have a weird “thing” were my morning gets thrown off if I don’t have it. On the weekend, my husband will want to have brunch, so I always eat before and then have something small with him.
  6. I strongly believe that vanilla ice cream and vanilla cupcakes are underrated.
  7. When we travel, we must be near a spot to get Celcius drinks.
  8. I will choose the beach over snow all day, every day.
  9. The only shows I watch are Shark Tank, The Profit and Billion Dollar Buyer.
  10. I started a blog about a year ago, but never got into it. This time around, it’s totally different.
  11. I started wearing glasses in first grade. I should wear contacts/glasses now, but I don’t. I have to side peek when reading the lines at the DMV because nothing shows up on the left side.
  12. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to travel. I wish I had all the money in the world to simply just travel. Top 5 on my bucket list are Fiji, Australia, Paris, Rome, and South Africa,. My absolute favorite place to visit is New York. I’ve literally gone 7-8 times and never get tired of it. I keep telling my husband, but one day, I want to go to the airport and get on the next flight out. There is something just too exhilarating about it.
  13. I wish I knew how to do my hair and make up better than I do.
  14. I was really proud of my perfect attendance from Elementary to 6th grade. I had to leave 15 MINUTES early for an eye doctor appointment, and I didn’t get a certificate that year. #stillbitter. From then on, I was over it and persuaded my mom to go on extended trips when cheer took us out of town.
  15. I truly feel like I was put on this Earth to be a mom. I struggle with working every single day, but I know at this stage of my life, it’s where I’m meant to be. Also, I will probably be that over obsessed mom that my kids are going to be annoyed with. PS: I have a total goal to be a room mom.